We are continuing using Catapult’s services, to a point where we now have over 30 courses online under our own business banner, with approximately another 30 courses we want to put online.

We also have the ability & flexibility to use Catapult’s huge library of courses.

The speed at which Catapult gets our courses ready for online use is great, in fact, we cannot keep up with them.

We supply them the information & they deliver us well set out courses.

I can highly recommend them.

Kim Brunswick

Managing Director, Down to Earth Training & Assessing

As a training organisation in operation for over 25 years, we always used paper-based learning resources and assessment tools. We knew that we “wanted” to go online, and it wasn’t from a lack of want, just that the set-up process was too hard. After, looking into to the many available options, undertaking numerous trials, buying samples etc. etc. we simply couldn’t find what we wanted. It was only after we virtually gave up on the idea that we stumbled upon Smallprint Catapult in early 2020.

To set up an LMS of our own, would cost thousands, not to mention the lost time etc. Then, other systems that are off the shelf require a huge financial outlay before 1 student has even enrolled.

In a mere 5 minutes, myself and colleagues were able to set ourselves up, create users and practice assessment, marking, messaging etc. The system is very user-friendly especially for non-technical people like ourselves. Additionally our learners most of which either have a disability, are in the older age bracket, and / or from a non-English speaking background have adapted to the system like fish to water. 

Throughout this unique time in our history, when most of the world had stopped, we were able to continue our training business as usual. In comparison, State Governments around the country have allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to the public sector to develop online delivery; whereas we were up and running in no time, with absolute minimal disruption, and no set up fees at all!

The team at Catapult have been extremely friendly, attentive and supportive. Barry took the time to get to know our organisation, our people and our unique needs. Additionally, he has stayed in touch throughout the journey to ensure that we are satisfied and that everything is working as planned. 

Would highly recommend Catapult for any RTO looking to go online in a hurry, with a user-friendly system and with $0 upfront fees!

Mark Kuzamanoski

Learning Design and Development Lead, Brite