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Catapult eLearning makes online training delivery for RTOs easy.

We bring together ready-to-use online resources, a free hosted and supported Learning Management System. What’s more the system is completely branded as your RTOs own.

Increase your RTOs training flexibility.

Use Catapult eLearning resources to deliver online, blended or face to face training. Every resources is also available in print from our partners at smallprint.

First to market with updated online training resources and assessment tools.

Our resources are the most up to date in the market. When units, qualifications or training packages are updated by Industry Reference Committees (IRC) - so are our online resources. This means your RTO can feel confident your resources and assessment tool include the most current IRC updates.

Search our extensive library of online learning resources and assessment tools.

Find the online learning resources you need to support quality elearning in:

  • Automotive Retail, Service and Repair (AUR09)
  • Business Services (BSB streamlined and BSB07)
  • Community Services (CHC streamlined and CHC08)
  • Construction, Plumbing and Services Integrated Framework (CPC08)
  • Financial Services (FNS streamlined and FNS10)
  • Foundation Skills (FSK streamlined)/ Basic Education (BAED)
  • Hairdressing Training (WRH06)
  • Health (HLT streamlined and HLT07)
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Events (SIT12 and SIT07)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT streamlined and ICA11)
  • Retail Services (SIR07)
  • Transport and Logistics (TLI Streamlined and TLI10)
  • Training and Education (TAE10)
  • Beauty (SIB10)